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Welcome to Gozo Villas Diving Centre

Gozo and Malta have been voted one of the top ten dive locations in Europe, suitable for diving in all seasons.

Working in conjunction with our well known Dive Partners we feel that we offer a comprehensive service to suit all needs.

During your stay a visit to their well equipped Showroom is highly recommended, where you will receive the personal service of qualified instructors


Most of the famous dive sites around Gozo are accessible from shore and that is why most dive centres organise a lot of shore diving, apart from being more economical. Some dive sites are quite easy to get to and some not so easy. In any case, we do recommend that divers have a good pair of hard sole boots, as our rocks are quite sharp.

We also organise regular boat dives with our fast rigid inflatable boats to go to dive sites that are not accessible from shore and also to get away from the crowds. These boat dives are planned according to the sea and weather conditions.

The centre organises dives twice daily and night dives are organised according to demand. The morning dives leave at 08.45 and the afternoon leave at 13.45. Divers are asked to be at our changing room 15 minutes before every dive to enable to prepare their equipment, so that they can leave in time. We are very proud of our punctuality record. We do not like our clients to waste any of their valuable holiday time waiting because of disorganisation.

The choice of the dive sites for any particular day, is the responsibility of the accompanying instructor. He / she checks out the sea conditions, where the clients have dived so far etc. and then chooses the dive site most appropriate for that day. As we believe that all clients should get maximum enjoyment from every dive, we try as hard as we can, that the groups are selected carefully so that the very experienced divers are grouped together and the not so experienced are grouped together.

As SAFETY has always been at the top of our priorities, we have depth limits which our instructors are bound by. Depending on qualifications and experience, the maximum depth on any particular dive organised by us is 40 meters.

Clients are asked to respect the underwater marine environment and no one will be allowed to bring up anything from underwater, whether it is dead or alive. We kindly ask our clients to take only photos or video and nothing else. We believe that we must leave the underwater environment for future generations, so that they can enjoy our sport as well.


Gozo Villas (UK Office) - Copperfields, Puttenham, Surrey, GU3 1AX UK.
Tel: 01483 813632 Email: info@gozovillas.com

Gozo Villas (Local Office) - 50 Republic Street, Victoria VCT 103, Gozo, MALTA.